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Monsieur macht Kunst

Monsieur & pianist Nora Born

Humor in black and white


The award-winning program "Monsieur does art" wins with the pianist Nora Born another highlight.


Now in addition a miniature piano is the focus.

Her sensitive, dynamic and conscious cross-genre compositions enrich the show to another level.


Who does not know Monsieur should definitely get to know him!

With his elegant exterior, demanding performances and his grumpy manner, he always manages to captivate his audience.

He increases the level not only with his own wordless humor, but also with a challenging slack wire act of a special kind.

Accustomed provocative, grumpy and challenging leaves Monsieur the audience to be part of the action!

He senses the hidden, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.

Winners are the spectators, because they are the real stars of the show.


Amazing how the Silent can drown the loud!

2 artists - a show in images and sound!

Unrestricted worth seeing and hearing!

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